Did you know Instagram has more than 1 billion users and has a sky-high engagement level than other platforms?

With 80% of users following businesses and mental health professionals, it has become necessary to supercharge your followers count by acquainting yourself with the unlimited benefits of this medium.

Since you are a hypnotherapist, you must be wondering why Instagram marketing is worth your time and effort? What differences it could create and why your practice should leverage the power of Instagram? 

Well, don’t worry. I am here to give all the answers to your questions as I can help you reveal some super cool ways to build a thriving social presence using this platform.

So, let’s dive in further and start engaging millions of patients today with your hypnotherapy practice.

Win Instagram feed by posting behind the scenes pics/clips:

Let me tell you a secret to win an Instagram feed and attract more visitors to your profile.

It’s easy. All you need to do is posting some behind-the-scenes pictures and clips regarding your treatment methods. For example, if you have treated a patient who creates false memories, and you have implemented some noteworthy methods, then you can simply post a glimpse of that experience while sharing your expert methods to treat the problem.

This gives your audience trust and confidence in your treatment methods and they consider you a more useful source of help. In fact, they want to get in touch to share their own problems and couldn’t resist sending direct messages.

Post more frequently on Instagram:

Instagram is a channel where you need to post consistently and frequently to keep in your audience’s mind. Because there are more than 1 billion active users on Instagram, and they have followed thousands of pages. So, your posts do not receive much engagement or visibility due to such an overwhelming number of posts every day.

That’s the reason if you want to stay on top of the mind, it’s better to increase your posting frequency and at least post twice a day with engaging captions and trendy hashtags.

Try sharing live videos and stories:

Instagram has once emerged as the best photo-sharing app. But the good news is, it has now gone beyond sharing photos only.

Now you can post complete videos and life stories as well. It gives you a unique opportunity to share your expertise, knowledge, and environment of your clinic so you can motivate patients to communicate with you and visit your facility.

For example, if you have been launching sessions for hypnotherapy patients, you can post a video of treating and giving live sessions to your patients where they are asking questions and you are helping them clear all the queries and confusions.

To send them a clear and effective message, the good practice is to subtitle your videos in easy language by considering the help of professionals who help you translate, transcribe, and subtitle videos in any language you prefer.

Use trendy hashtags to define your practice and treatments:

Hashtags are the lifeblood of your Instagram marketing. Without using effective, high-quality, and trendy hashtags, you cannot define your treatment specifics in the best manner. In fact, hashtag trend is not so common across any social media, and Instagram is the only medium that promotes this trendy and gives popularity to the right ones.

Because using relevant and compelling hashtags can simply expose your image to a broad audience. For example, #hypnosis, #mentalhealth, #anxiety, #hypnotherapy, #healing, and #hypnotized are some common and popular hashtags that give your practice more exposure and visibility.

So, why not incorporate them with a compelling image on Instagram?

Always interact with followers by responding to comments:

Interacting with the audience is the practice to increase Instagram presence. Because when you interact with people who want to know more about your treatment methods, you are encouraging them to consider your services for better mental and physical health.

The best way is, send them direct messages and let them know you are here to solve their needs. Also, respond to all the comments on your posts. This builds great audience interest, and they love to comment again on your every post. 

It also shows them that you care, and you are here to deal with the issues. In that way, your patient audience loves to interact through various channels and might choose you for their mental health issues.

Remember, promotional links never work in captions!

Keep in mind, your profile or bio is the only place where the links work. Or if you choose to share a sponsored post then you can easily motivate users to click the link and direct to the landing page.

But posting links do not work in captions or the comments sections. If you really want to direct patients to your website link, then you can add it to the profile section and change the link in the bio to highlight something specific on your website. When users find that link on your bio, they click and immediately direct to the site to get more information.

Never forget to do cross-posting:

Last but not the least, do not forget cross-posting for more exposure.

This is another best practice to let your fans know that are using Instagram through cross-posting ways. Because the channel makes it simple and collaborates with other platforms so it can enable you to share your content to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. This is definitely a smart tactic to gain more exposure and visibility.

Last bonus tip for hypnotherapists:

In your quest to grow fan following and increase social presence over Instagram, it’s recommended to choose the best hypnotherapy marketing agency for your needs that can simply craft compelling techniques to offer more success and effectiveness.

The professionals help you become a useful source of help and information in your industry. 

So, are you ready to take over Instagram for your hypnotherapy practice? Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comments.