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7 Social Media Strategies to Market your Hypnotherapy Practice

Social media marketing seems too intimidating to healthcare professionals- especially hypnotherapists. Agreed?

However, it has also become an unavoidable marketing tactic that proves much lucrative if implemented correctly.

Let’s imagine if you have a Facebook profile where you have 1M+ followers and your patients are pinging every hour to schedule their appointment? How does it feel like? 

Much satisfying. No?

Well, it’s not that easy- unfortunately. Because you have an overwhelming number of competitors who are doing the same thing!

So, whether you are just starting your hypnotherapy practice or have an established setup, social media could be a great help to grow your patient base- as the channel is already ripe with an opportunity that can skyrocket your sales & engagement.

To win your target patient audience, implementing robust strategies is the first and foremost thing that can help you promote your practice in the best light.

Let’s dive in to learn some top strategies and hit millions of followers across every social channel.

Figure out the channels where your patients congregate online!

I think it won’t make much sense if you set up a clinic in an area where there is least possible to find potential patients around. 

Similarly, it won’t make much sense if you set up social media channels where your patients are least interested to go. 

To make the most out of your campaign, you need to figure out the channels that are most commonly used by your patient audience. Check out the patient’s demographic and explore your patient’s interests, searching habits, gender, age, location, and targeted needs. 

When you successfully figure out these details, you can easily find out the channel to interact with ideal patients. 

For example, if you found out that your patients are most active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, then do not try to engage them on all three channels at once. Create a strategy for one channel, and when you think you are progressing and keeping patients engaged successfully, then move onto the next channels and slowly spread your presence.

Do not forget to use Facebook Ads promotions:

Most people especially hypnotherapists feel like ‘why use ad promotions when we can absolutely promote for free? 

However, when you post for free, you are simply targeting everybody on the roll whether they need your help or not. But when you are using Facebook Ad promotions, you are targeting only those patients who are already looking for your help and more likely to click & become your patients.

The best part is these ads are not so expensive and cost you a fortune. You can simply choose your desired budget and even start from the lowest to target your ideal patient audience. You will only be required to pay when your patients click the ad. Otherwise, your ads receive free impressions and engagements.

Sounds interesting, right?

Post inspirational content to educate your patients:

If you want to keep your patients in a loop, then the best strategy is to post inspirational content that simply educates your audience and makes them believe that you are the best source of help and information.

For example, when you share your experience treating a daydreamer, you can engage more audience about the aspects of your practice while giving them detailed insights into the effectiveness of the technique. You can post infographics, videos, images, and everything that inform patients and help them learn more about your practice and treatment methods.

This helps you strengthen your patient base, and you can easily convert more visits every day.

Interact more with your patients through comments and messages:

According to a recent survey, more than 40% of the audience expect a spontaneous response to their inquiry. If you are not interacting with patients when they expect to, you are simply losing potential patients every day while giving them a chance to consider your competitor. 

However, when you actively engage your audience by responding to their comments quickly, sending them detailed messages about your treatment methods, and follow similar measures, you can easily connect with more qualified traffic and may convert them to your permanent patient.

Build a relationship with your old and new patients:

Social media is more focused on building strong relations with your new and old patients. 

Whether you are discussing an important matter with your patient or answering some frequently asked questions, building engagement through comments, messages, feedback, reviews, group discussions, and other participants is an essential element that helps you know what your audience expects from your practice.

Keep your information accurate and updated:

From your contact information to a location, operating hours, practice features, and email address, keep everything updated and accurate so that your patients can easily get in touch through proper channels. 

Because if they face any difficulty contacting you, they might not consider you and choose other options that best fulfill their needs. Without providing them a way to contact you, how can you expect more patient inquires and leads?

Measure your key metrics every week:

When you start measuring your key metrics every week, set achievable goals, and set some points to check results, you can easily learn the methods to ensure more improvements every month. 

You can check how many users are interacting with your posts, what type of reactions and comments you are receiving the most, what sort of treatment is more appreciable among patients, and what further improvements they want to suggest.

Measuring such key figures would help you analyze what factors are working and what elements need more improvement. 

Bottom line:

Social media marketing doesn’t have to an overwhelming or tedious task. In fact, it should be your priority while growing your strong online presence.

However, if you think you cannot make it happen while treating your patients every day, you can also rely on a smart hypnotherapy marketing company that helps set goals and outsmart your competitors in no time, as per expectations. 

So, let’s drive more engagement and learn how these strategies help you grow.

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