Greetings business owner!

Did you know high-end visuals can generate an insane ROI and boost engagement on your hypnotherapy website?

If you landed on my gig, it means you understand the benefits of video content marketing for a medical business model. 

I am a passionate video editing expert. I have worked with many medical specialists, including hypnotherapists, for editing multiple service promotion videos. I can help you create service promotional videos that go viral and boost your hypnotherapy marketing!

What do I offer?

I will use your footage and transform it into a high-quality promotional video. My services include:

  • High-quality video and animation
  • Up to 1 minute of running time
  • Color grading
  • Sound design and mixing
  • Subtitles
  • Motion graphics
  • Linear effects
  • Special video effects
  • Green screen effects
  • And much more

The animations I deliver are clean, eye-catching, and of high quality. That’s the reason I am the perfect candidate for your project too.  

What do you need to provide me?

  • Your previous footage
  • Business idea
  • Color preferences
  • Text (if you have)
  • Or images

Why choose me?

  • Experience to collaborate with Hypnotist Plus clients
  • Understand the needs of hypnotherapy marketing
  • My clients love my business approach
  • Affordable, reliable, and professional service
  • 24 hours available

Let’s beat the excellence with my high-end video editing service for your hypnotherapy business.