Boost your hypnotic business with Hypnotist Plus – The best SEO services for hypnotists!


I’m a professional certified digital marketing expert with 13 years of relevant experience in ranking medical-related websites, including the hypnotherapy niche.

If you are struggling to rank your hypnotherapy website at the top of the search results and have a limited budget, I’m the guy you can trust. 

I would take care of all the on-page SEO requirements and technical optimization of your WordPress site so you can hit the first position in search engine results shortly and effectively.

Important features of my services:

  • Installing and configuring the Yoast SEO tool
  • Fix broken links and 404 errors
  • Robot txt file optimization
  • Meta description with proper focus keywords
  • HTTPS and WWW redirection
  • Site security with JetPack
  • Images alt text
  • Heading tags optimization
  • Slug and permalink optimization
  • Final SEO audit
  • Search Console integration
  • Google analytics and sitemap
  • Site speed optimization
  • Fix site bugs and other issues

I believe SEO is the fundamental pillar in your first-page ranking. If your SEO is weak, you can never rank higher in the search results as Google Algorithms considers it the tracking junction while positioning websites in search engines.

Today, people need more hypnotherapy services than ever. Now is the best time to scale your business and make more hypnotherapy clients worldwide. Feel free to message me with all your requirements.

Let’s get back to business!