So, you have decided to build or rebuild a new website to market your hypnotherapy practice- well, that’s great! I really admire the step!

But how do you start? how would you come up with great ideas that represent your practice in a persuasive style?

How would you create a design that engages your audience and make them feel that yes, it’s the best source of help & information exactly according to our need?

Well, honestly, it’s a daunting thing to do, especially without any professional help. Because the fact is, your website reflects your services and generates unlimited leads every hour. But if that platform is poorly designed, then how would you expect your patients to consider you? Can you afford to risk potential leads every single day?

Of course, No.

To overcome this situation, I have some great tips for you that help you design a striking website for hypnotherapy that engage more audience every minute and skyrocket your reputation in the industry.

Keep the design simple, decent and professional:

As you are a hypnotherapist, your audience belongs to a group that is sensitive, anxious, and maybe a bit emotional, based on their current situation or mental health. 

So, the things they want to see are simplicity and decency. A design that is too colorful, fancy, and vibrant may generate awful feelings in your audience.

The best practice is, use decent fonts, neutral but catchy color scheme, and a professional theme. So, your audience might not feel distract and concentrate on one area of the webpage. Adding short paragraphs, descriptive headings, and bullet points may help you create a more engaging look and attract an audience to spend more time exploring each page.

However, if you want to make things custom according to your favorite style, then hiring an expert designer for developing a custom website is also a good option because the professional may help you better in creating a site that suits your practice area.

Make sure the website is responsive:

Did you know more than 60% of the audience uses mobile devices to access websites? 

This means if your patient audience is accessing your site through mobile and they end up seeing small blocks of information where they need to pinch-zoom every element to read details, then surely you are losing an incredible number of leads every day. 

Because nobody wants to scroll a site that requires advanced zooming even to see contact information and misaligned blocks. That’s the reason, responsive website design is an ultimate requirement that automatically adjusts according to the screen size of your user. 

But how would you enjoy that ease & convenience? Hiring professional designers to build a custom and responsive WordPress site is your only solution that engages more audiences and increases your chances to rank higher in search results.

High-quality and engaging content makes a real difference:

Do you know your audience is quite picky and they act more sensitively while visiting a hypnotherapy website? 

They check each element, even if the site is smoothly opening, easily accessible, functioning well, and looks attractive, they still won’t feel happy unless you are giving them highly captivating and compelling content materials. 

Because the reason is, creating engaging and effective content is the major requirement that shapes or disturbs the overall look & feel of your site.

However, if the website features unattractive, useless, and long blocks of content, your audience may push away in seconds and never return. 

So, what could be the best possible solution? Hiring experts to write killer homepage, about or services pages content that reflects your practice and help users get more details about your treatment methods.

This eventually increases your chances to rank higher in search results.

Make the design easy to navigate:

Cluttered or confusing navigation always disturbs your patient audience. Because when they rush to the site to check their required information, they do not have enough time or desire to explore each page and sort out their required details. All they want is relevant information at the forefront without wasting time.

That’s the reason, making your design easy to navigate is an essential consideration. When all the treatment methods and practice specifics are highlighted at the front and the top of the website, then your audience might get all the details easily and take more interest in visiting the site again.

Integration with social channels:

There are hundreds of social media channels out there that help you increase social presence and interact with patients on their favorite channel. Among these platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest are the most popular and favorite channels of your audience.

Now this means if your hypnotherapy website is featuring all these channel integrations, then you are making it easy for the audience to find and contact you across several platforms.

You are inviting them to whether visit Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to check more details about your practice. This also increases your credibility and authority in the industry.

Keep your site elements secure with SSL:

If you want to raise the levels of security on your website, then it’s important to incorporate an SSL certificate to your site that activates HTTPS protocol.

SSL certificate would efficiently encrypt all the important communication between your patients and the site, which further keeps privacy about confidential details.

You can keep the personal details of your audience safe when they book a session or set an appointment with you.

What else do you need to consider for building a great hypnotist website?

IF you want to remain competitive in a strong marketplace, then building a killer website is no longer an option but an essential requirement. 

To keep you apart from millions of websites in the industry, it’s important to focus on all the above-mentioned elements so you can recognize yourself as an authority in hypnotherapy.

And the least you can do is, hiring experts to professionally design or redesign your website for better impressions and more targeted growth in your industry. 

So, are you ready to spruce up your online platform today? Let me know in the comments and share your goals.