About us

Trusted by leading hypnotists, Hypnotist Plus is the best and brightest freelance company for hypnotists that aims to serve all the incredible hypnotists, connect them to their ideal prospects and help them find more flexibility in their hypnotic practice.  

A safe and more effective platform where you get top digital marketing services, improve online presence, and make your way to virtual business.

The company started its operations in 2015 with the sole purpose to make this marketplace world’s first-ever premier online community dedicated to hypnotherapy digital services. 


How is Hypnotist Plus different?

Many other freelancing sites often face saturation for the services they offer to multiple clients. But this is not the case with Hypnotist Plus, as we strive to make this platform a hypnotist-only marketplace. We only serve one community and help them grow their business.

Where are your experts located?

We are a freelance marketplace dedicated to worldwide hypnotists. We have experts from across the globe, most located in the US, Europe, and Canada. 

What methods of payment do you accept?

We currently accept all major credit cards, ACH, bank wires, and PayPal.

How your professionals are the best in their kills?

We strive to provide worldwide hypnotists with top-notch services. We make sure every expert on our platform is hand-picked and vetted by our team of professionals before they can create a specialized gig. 

How do you screen your experts?

We screen our experts for excellent communication skills, business personality, domain knowledge, and professionalism. All the gigs you see on our platforms are created by the experts who significantly cleared all the screening tests.

What if I’m not satisfied with expert services?

We only select experts based on their excellent skills and intelligence to work remotely. You decide to collaborate with an expert after checking reviews and their past work history. However, we understand that not every person will be a perfect fit for every company. For this reason, we ensure the safety of your funds, time, and commitment. You can also decide to collaborate with other experts. 

Will your expert sign an NDA if needed?

Hypnotist Plus doesn’t own any rights to any project after it’s done on our platform. Clients have full rights to own the project they paid to get done. But still, if needed, our experts will sign an NDA before starting on your project. 

Do you allow freelancers to sell on your platform?

Currently, we have our hypnotherapy skill experts who are doing excellent in their respective fields. We do not plan to open our doors to more freelancers. But keep checking our status if we allow it in the future. 

Do you charge any commission fees?

We encourage hypnotists to use our platform as authentic and professional digital service providers. We do not deduct any service charges from our clients. The only amount deducted is the payment charged for your project and awarded to the expert who completed it. 

What If I need services in business other than hypnotherapy?

Hypnotist Pus is striving to make a professional hypnotist-only platform. Our experts have worked with leading hypnotists and provided top-notch skills. We only encourage projects from the hypnotherapy niche as we want to avoid saturation on our platform.

Does your platform offer services in all major categories?

Yes, we have professionals who provide all the major digital services, including Website & Graphics, SEO & Digital Marketing, Video & Animation, Development & Programming, and Creative Writing.

What if I need a full-time remote expert?

Yes, you can hire our hypnotherapy experts for your long-term remote projects as far as the payment handling is done on our safe and secure platform. 

How do you ensure our financial safety?

We prioritize the financial safety of our clients. When you buy a gig for your project, your funds are transferred to our secure escrow system and only paid to experts once you are 100% satisfied with the project.