Do you know a smartly designed hypnotherapy website can help grow your practice and increase the number of patients in your clinic? 

But similarly, a poorly designed website can reduce that number and may kill the overall look of not only your clinic but your practice reputation as well.

I am sure you never want to suck a bad website design all the revenue out of your clinic, I don’t want that too!

That’s the reason, today I have come up with some deadly website design mistakes that harm the reputation of your practice and may visitors push away the moment they come across your landing page.

So, let’s identify those gaffes together and figure out a decent solution to win a stiff competition.

Slow loading speed- the most annoying factor!

The slow loading speed of your hypnotherapy website is one of the most annoying factors, and I personally hate that experience when I am in urgency and visit a website to check important details but end up waiting for long because the site has errors due to which it fails to load within seconds.

Similarly, your patients are in a great rush when they are looking for a hypnotist for their needs. And when they have to wait to find their required information, they get frustrated and may push the ‘back’ button immediately in search of a better user experience- and this is a total loss!

According to recent research, your visitors may not wait for more than 5 seconds, if your website is not loading within the first 3-5 seconds, your audience simply goes away and find another site for their needs.

But don’t worry. Every problem has a solution. You have an opportunity to hire experts for custom website design that may feature fast loading speed and other elements that contribute to high ranking in search results. 

Bad website navigation- simply ruins your marketing!

Yes, that’s true. If your hypnotherapy website has poor navigation, or you have included too many items at the navigation bar that simply confuses your patient audience, then you are just wasting your time and ruining your marketing!

Because if your audience is failed to figure out where should they go next, what page can offer their desired information, and where is the contact button, then they won’t waste time on your website. 

It’s quite frustrating for the audience to surf two or three pages and couldn’t find the information they are looking for. So, they just go back and search for another site that offers the best user experience. 

The problem can be resolved easily when you have a proper navigation bar at the top that simply guides the audience to visit relevant pages according to their needs. 

Positioning the bar at the left side of your page is a good trick so it becomes visible at the forefront. You can also consider adding an easy-to-find site map in the navigation bar so it can offer patients the information of your contact and location on every page on the site.

A design that is failed to load on mobile devices:

Are you reading my post using a mobile device? Can you see that perfectly without zooming in or zooming out?

If so, then it means the site is responsive and compatible with mobile devices. Hence if your site design is not loading perfectly across mobile, tablet and desktop, and Tv, then it means your website is not responsive and may not serve the audience who access the site using these devices.

When they visit the site, they will need to pinch-zoom every element to check your information which obviously creates bad impacts. That’s the reason, your hypnotherapy website should be completely responsive and compatible with all screen sizes. 

To make that happen successfully, hiring experts for building a responsive website is the best solution indeed. The experts can simply help you design a site that easily loads across every site and automatically adjust to the screen size of your audience, which eventually boosts interest, increase the reputation and enhance ranking.

Bad links that give 404 errors:

Bad or broken links are extremely dangerous for your hypnotherapy website.

These are basically the useless links that appear in your site that do nothing when clicked and then eventually lead to “404” error pages.

Now facing these types of errors may alert the audience that the site is not secure or reliable to visit. 

That’s the reason, it’s recommended to test and monitor each page of your site once a week so you can ensure that all the links are functional and working effectively.

Some website owners also prefer to add the “Contact the Webmaster” link in the footer section of the site, which is created for users. They can let you know by visiting that link and help you identify some broken or bad links on the site so you can fix them without getting noticed by a massive audience.

Failing to provide contact details on the site:

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest gaffes most people do on their website. 

Let’s suppose, your patient visits your hypnotherapy website, he gets inspired by all the valuable information you mentioned, and now he wants to book his first session with you, but he is failed to find the ‘contact us’ button, then what would he do? 

Obviously, he goes back and finds another website with complete details. And who suffered the most? You. 

When you add something like ‘contact us’, ‘get your free session’, or ‘hire us today’, you are giving your patients a direction and an opportunity to contact you and get the benefits of your treatments. This ultimately increases your chances to get hired by potential patients.

So, do you have these common issues on your hypnotist website?

If so, then it’s time to design or redesign your website from professionals who take care of all the issues and may provide you with something outstanding that increases your reputation in the industry and improve your chances of ranking high in search results.

Are you ready to skyrocket your patients’ number and increase revenue? Let’s get professional help now!